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Questions about the first stage of the application may be directed to Barbara Padlo at the Polish Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression by phone at +(48) 22-661-86-89 or +(48) 22-661-81-29 or email at or Note that the phone numbers are only active during Polish business hours.  The address of the Polish Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression is Wspólna 2/4, 00-926 Warsaw, Poland, and its fax number is +(48) 22-661-90-73.

Questions about the second stage of the application may be directed to the Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) via: Mrs. Magdalena Ignaciuk, Foreign Pensions Department, by phone at (+ 48) 22 538 33 77 or email at The address of ZUS is Oddział w Warszawie, Wydział Realizacji Umów Międzynarodowych, ul. Kasprowicza 151, 01-949 Warszawa. The email address for that office is:

Applicants who need further assistance in filing an application may wish to contact any of the organizations  on the linked lists in Australia, Canada, Europe, South Africa & South Americathe United Kingdom, and the United States, who have volunteered to assist with the application process.

Additional Resource: Selfhelp Community Services, Inc. has created a website with: (1) templates in Polish and English for completing the optional narrative section on the bottom of page 4 of the UDSKIOR application form; (2) templates of English translations of many of the Polish letters UDSKIOR has mailed applicants; and (3) a template in Polish giving permission to UDSKIOR to search for supporting documentation (not required when an applicant checked off the box on the application giving such permission).

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