>> Groundbreaking Global Report + Best Practices for Nazi-Era Confiscated Art & Cultural Property


>> Continuing Coverage

>> Second International Gathering of Holocaust Envoys to Discuss Restitution

>> Looted Art

>> New Report: Major Estonian Art Collection Looted by the Nazis Is Probably In Belarus

>> First Ever International Gathering of Holocaust Envoys Discuss Property Restitution

>> #MyPropertyStory: House His Mother Lived In, Featured In ‘Schindler’s List’


>> Lithuanian Gov’t Overwhelmingly Passes Law on Holocaust Era Property Restitution

>> Lithuanian Prime Minister’s Proposal on Holocaust Era Property Restitution

>> Report on Cultural Objects Looted in Croatia

>> WJRO meets with Israeli President Herzog before Terezin Conference and related issues

>> Distorting the past for political propaganda today harms the victims of the Holocaust

>> Latvia: Parliament passes Holocaust restitution law


>> Controversial New Polish Bill Will Extinguish Almost All Restitution Claims in Poland

>> WJRO Successfully Halts Auction of Precious Items Stolen in the Holocaust

>> Historic Luxembourg Agreement on Holocaust Era Property Restitution

>> International Holocaust  Remembrance Day


>> New Online Publication: Nazi Library Seizures in Belgium

>> Payments to Romanian Survivors in Israel

>> #MyPropertyStory: The Next Generations Coverage

>> Preserving the Jewish Heritage of Cemeteries in Poland

>> JUST Act Report: US Govt’ Groundbreaking Review on Holocaust-era Assets

>> British Govt’ Strongly Reaffirms Support for Holocaust-era Property Restitution in Poland

>> WJRO & Dutch Jewish Community Express Deep Disappointment in Dutch Railway (NS) Announcement

>> Nazi Looted Art 


>> Property Restitution in Poland

>> US Senate Letter to Secretary of State Pompeo

>> WJRO Encourages Dutch Railway (NS) to Address Those Not Included In Compensation Program

The Jewish Week
Dutch Railway To Discuss New Reparations
October 24, 2019

>> WJRO Responds to Polish Opposition to Property Restitution

The Jewish Week/Times of Israel
Poland: Stop the Incitement
May 22, 2019

i24 News
Polish Property Restitution
May 13, 2019

>> #MyPropertyStory Coverage

>> US Secretary of State Calls for Poland to Address Holocaust-Era Restitution

>> European Union Calls for Property Restitution in Bosnia

>> European Parliament Passes Resolution to Identify and Recover Stolen Art

The Art of Newspaper
European Parliament calls for Restitution Overhaul
February 20, 2019

>> WJRO & US Delegation Discuss Holocaust-Era Property Compensation with Luxembourg’s Prime Minister & Croatia’s President

>> Romanian Pensions

Jewish Week
Red Tape Slowing Romanian Restitution
February 1, 2019

>> Continuing Coverage


>> Holocaust Survivors Receive Payments from Restitution Efforts in Romania

>> President Trump Signs the Just Act into Law

>> Congress Passes the JUST Act

>> Israeli President Reuven Rivlin’s Speech in Poland

>> Poland’s Proposed Property Restitution Bill

>> Coverage of the Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) Act

>> WJRO Delegation Visits Croatia

Total Croatia News
World Jewish Restitution Organization Visits Croatia
March 16, 2018

>> Film “1945”

>> Desecrated Cemetery in Poland

>> Coverage of WJRO’s Opposition to Proposed Polish Legislation

>> Coverage of WJRO’s Efforts to Internationalize Holocaust Era Property Restitution Issues

>> Polish Holocaust Survivors’ Struggles to Reclaim Property

>> Claims Conference-WJRO Initiative to Return Looted Art and Cultural Property

>> Israel-WJRO Joint Initiative on Restitution

>> European Parliament Conference on Holocaust Era Property Restitution and European Shoah Legacy Institute Report on Holocaust Era Property Restitution Efforts in Europe

>> Serbian Assistance Program for Holocaust Survivors

>> Congressional Action On Holocaust Restitution

>> Property Restitution in Warsaw

>> WJRO Urges Governments to Take Action on Holocaust Restitution

The Hill
A time to remember, a time to act
January, 2017

Jerusalem Post
Polish President Duda: If Not Now, When?
January 16, 2017

>> Warsaw Property Restitution Law and WJRO’s Initiative to Assist Holocaust Survivors Reclaim Lost Warsaw Property

>> Congressional Action on Holocaust Restitution

>> European Parliament President’s Support for Property Restitution

>> Passage of Romanian Restitution Legislation

>> WJRO’s Call to Action: Justice for Holocaust Survivors

>> Serbian Legislation Addressing Heirless Property Restitution

>> Polish Holocaust Survivors’ Struggles to Reclaim property and Support for Property Restitution Legislation in Poland

>> Efforts to Return Looted Art

>> Canadian Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Government Officials’ Support of Restitution of Holocaust Era Property in Europe

>> Polish Benefits Program for Holocaust Survivors

>> Romania’s Prime Minister’s Support for Property Restitution

>> Communal Property Restitution in Croatia

>> Obstacles Facing the Return of Looted Art

New York Times
Nations Called Lax in Returning Art Looted from Jews
September 10, 2014

>> WJRO’s Holocaust Era Property Restitution Efforts in Europe

>> British Government’s Support for Holocaust Era Property Restitution in Europe

>> Holocaust Era Property Restitution Efforts in Poland