Together with local Jewish communities, WJRO has established foundations in Poland, Romania and Lithuania to administer and utilize returned communal property. Foundations use the revenue from returned property to preserve the Jewish legacy in that country, strengthen local communities,  provide aid for Jewish Nazi victims from that country, and support cultural and educational projects.

Poland-foundationPoland: Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland

Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland was established by the Union of Jewish Communities in Poland and the WJRO. Our mission is to protect and commemorate the surviving monuments of Jewish cultural heritage in Poland.

Our goals are reclaiming the properties which before WWII were the property of Jewish Religious Communities and other Jewish legal entities (based on the Law on the Relationship between the State and the Union of Jewish Religious Communities of 1997), and providing legal services for the regulatory procedure; managing returned properties; and protecting properties bearing special religious or historical significance.

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Romania-CaritateaRomania: Caritatea Foundation

In 1998 the Romanian Government authorized the establishment of a Property Fund – ‘Caritatea Foundation’ – out of which compensation would be paid, where confiscated properties could not be returned. The Caritatea Foundation aims to support and improve the living conditions of the socially disadvantaged, ill and elderly Jews living in the territory of Romania as well as those Jews living in other countries, and to promote the education and studies of Jewish children.

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LithuaniaLithuania: Foundation for the Lithuanian Jewish Heritage and the Good Will Foundation

WJRO, the Jewish Community of Lithuania, and the Association of Lithuanian Jewish Religious Communities formed the Foundation for the Lithuanian Jewish Heritage in 2005. In 2011, the Foundation for Lithuanian Jewish Heritage established the Good Will Foundation to distribute the compensation provided by the government pursuant to the legislation passed that year. The Good Will Foundation will use the €36 million in compensation from the government under the law to fund religious, cultural, health care, and educational programs for Lithuanian Jews. In 2014, the Good Will Foundation allocated its first grants to these programs. On December 31, 2014, the Good Will Foundation completed distribution of approximately $1.1 million, provided in the legislation, for symbolic payments to over 1,550 surviving Lithuanian Jewish Holocaust victims worldwide.

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Hungary-MazsokMAZSOK – Jewish Heritage of Hungary Public Endowment

MAZSOK – Jewish Heritage of Hungary Public Endowment was founded in 1997 as a product of negotiations between WJRO, the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities, and the Government of Hungary.  The foundation’s mission is to assist Hungarian Holocaust survivors and enhance Jewish cultural heritage and traditions in Hungary.  MAZSOK currently provides modest monthly pension supplements to over 6,700 Holocaust survivors.

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